Worldwide Women Web

On the 2nd of July 2011, we invite the women on this planet to unite and to create a link throughout the world. During July’s New Moon a spider web of women’s ceremonies will cover the world. During one rotation of the Earth, a multitude of women’s circles at many places on this planet will share the same intention: to connect with the energy of the Earth, the joy of being a woman and the vibration of the heart. Like the spider makes her beautiful web, we will activate a web of the sacred feminine and we will send that energy to the world.
On the 2nd of July, there will be many women’s circles all over the world. Different kinds of ceremonies, depending on the traditions, the desires, the abilities of the person who leads… Talking circles, sweat lodges, ceremonies with sacred medicine, dancing the 5 Rythms, Biodanza, or the Dance of Universal Peace, chanting, teachings about the moon, about tantra… Everything is possible. Every circle is free.
We reach out to all women who honor their feminine energy. Women who long to reactivate the connection with the Earth and with spirituality. Let us contribute to a new balance between the masculine and the feminine. First of all within ourselves. Then between the women in our own circle. Ultimately between all the circles in the web of connections that will arise.
‘A prayer counts for one, a song for ten, a dance for hundred’. Let us unite to pray, to sing and to dance!  Together let us create a world wide women’s web!
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5 Responses to Worldwide Women Web

  1. Patricia López says:

    I celebrate this idea!!! And for sure I will be doing our circle in this date… we have been doing circles every month in my place: Mandala Taller, in Bogota, Colombia.
    I´m sure this will be such a magical and powerful day, for sure we will create a significant change in the energy of this changing world, since we accept that the femenine energy is in charge to create the new earth. Thanks for this idea… and blessings for it.

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  3. Sonia Ro says:

    Hi everyone!
    I´ve been doing women circles (principally word circles) since past december in Bogotá (Colombia), and I still can´t totally understand the magic power of a group of women just being together, just talking and laughing. We have discovered ourselves so different, but so similar… I always feel better after a couple of hours of just talking of ourselves; maybe for most of us that is the only place where each of us can be with other women (¡even with other person!) and still be honest.
    I cellebrate the idea of connect women circles troughout the world. Just last night, with my circle, we decided to change our dates of meetings in accord to the moon fases. Today I read about this cellebration and for me it´s like a sign. Women energy is connecting everywhere. We girls can do this better together, without weapons (or any different from our hearts full of lov!e).
    If you still don´t have a circle, just create one now! It´s very easy: only need a couple of women to start.
    Thanks, girls! (I think our english is not so bad: we can understand the basis, the most important…)

  4. hey sisters all over the world,
    thats a really good thing, needend for a long time. I`m in big City Cologne / Köln-Germany. Doing wiman circles, ceremonys, workshops.
    I just blockt the 2.Juli in my calendar for doing a wiman-day.
    I will send the information to other wimen I know, doing allso circles.
    Thanks to You for organisating!!!! ( my english writing is not really perfekt…..)
    Greatings deep from my heart,

  5. sorry but my english ist verry bad. i can read but write ist …………..

    I love this idee of a womencircle and ein work a lot with women and so iam verry
    happy of a circle like this.
    greatings from my sisterheart

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