Grandmother Threecrow

July 2nd the women in this part of the world will be singing and drumming and dancing the medicine wheel and making offerings to the Mother to renew the sacred feminine throughout the web. We will be calling on Grandmother Iktomi (spider) to assist us in strengthening the sacred web and bringing peace to the world through the hearts of all women.
Women are the Earth – we are mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers to all children of the earth – Women are givers of life women are peace keepers and we are called to honor our feminine lineage and to heal the generations of disrespect and violence against the sacred feminine and to release our mothers, grandmothers and great – great grandmothers spirits and the wound we each carry.
Women are being called by the Ancestors to shine their light and be the love that the Great Sacred Mother Creator has given each of us and to send this love and light out into the world.  Many blessings, Grandmother Threecrow.
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One Response to Grandmother Threecrow

  1. My name is Velma Blue Sky Bear. I always have loved Grandmother Spider. She teaches me how to reach out to our young ones. They need to know of Mother Life’s support while living in this voilent world and how to connect their Spirits with Her Sacred Places.

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