Women’s Wisdom – by Ellen Hayakawa

For many years I have known that there is a difference between the men and women’s spiritual teachings. Unfortunately many of the women’s spiritual teachings and initiations have been forgotten or lost. My woman friend studied with two male elders of two different cultures and traditions, the Quechua high in the Andes and the Kahuna of Hawaii. Interestingly enough they both said that they know that there are women’s spiritual teachings but that of course neither of them knew anything about them because they are men. They also both shared with her that in their traditions, women were allowed to receive the men’s teachings but men were not allowed to receive the women’s teachings. The women’s teachings were done in secrecy – in part, that is also why some of the teachings have been lost or forgotten. The women’s teachings were done only with women because they involved the specific teachings connected to women’s monthly menstrual (moon time ) cycles – the sacred blood mystery. At the same time, the teachings and initiations can never be completely lost or forgotten because they are written in the DNA of women’s cells. It is time for us to remember and to share.
Read more: http://ellenhayakawa.com/womens-wisdom-2/
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