The feminine archetype is returning – by Jean Houston

‘Many of us in research and clinical psychology have recently witnessed in our research subjects and clients a remarkable activation of images of female principles, archetypes, and goddesses. The recent proliferation of books, articles, and conferences on the “rise of the goddess” is a phenomenon that has great implications for culture and consciousness. The women’s movement may be the outward manifestation of what is happening on depth levels in essential, mythic, and archetypal spacetime. Whether the movement has evolved because the crisis of the external world is calling for the rise of the goddess to restore the balance of nature, or because the release of women into full partnership demands a similar release of its archetypal principle, or even because, in the cosmic cycle of things, the time of the goddess has come round, we cannot say. But all the evidence indicates that the feminine archetype is returning.’
Excerpt from: Jean Houston, The search for the Beloved. Journeys in Mythology and Sacred Psychology, Tarcher, Los Angeles, 1987.
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