Ancient Earthways and Goddes Cultures – by Barbara Threecrow

The prophecy of the return of the Sacred Feminine and Teachings of the Grandmothers is an introduction and guide to ancient earth ways and the practice of sacred ritual. When reinstated it will prepare and assist those who have answered the call to re-awaken and fulfill their original promise. History has reveled that the onset of the demise of the sacred earth ways began during the height of the Goddess cultures in Mesopotamia, whose name implies the place where the very dawn of human recorded history began. This became evident with the disappearance of temples, rituals, sacred signs and symbols that had once honored the Great Earth Mother and the Goddess cultures that began in East Central Europe and had gradually spread to all of central Europe.
The downfall of the Goddess culture was brought about by the development and increase in European religious ideology and patriarchal rule, where the image and meaning of the Goddess and all she stood for was destroyed. However, the Goddess was so deeply planted in the psyche thoughout several millennia that it could have only have disappeared completely by their exterminating the female population. Although repressed and relegated to the unconscious, the Goddess fortunately re-appeared in later cultures such as the Druid and indigenous cultures in the New World which honored the Goddess in all her manifestations as sacred symbols, some as appearing in nature. The Sacred Web is one significant symbol that was believed to contain a secret code that gives evidence of the great Earth Mother as a vital living Being.
The secret code tells us that something wonderful and stunning is contained in all of nature as that of a living harmonious life force and which is meant to be sustained through ritual and ceremony. There are throughout history large numbers of female figurines representing a Goddess or the great Mother Goddess, the Lady of Heaven and Goddesss figurines have been found in European sites as far west as megalithisc cultures that built Stone henge and Avebury in England. When women today enter the sacred circle to create ritual through song and drumming, they are honoring those women of their lineage and all women throughout time, especially those who have walked the earth as healers, mid-wives and medicine women. Women are now beginning to gather their medicines once again to fulfill the prophecy of the return of the Sacred Feminine.
Excerpt from: The Return of the Sacred Feminine and Teachings of the Grandmothers, copyright by author Barbara Threecrow – Chapter Two – “Ancient Earthways and Goddes Cultures”.
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One Response to Ancient Earthways and Goddes Cultures – by Barbara Threecrow

  1. I had a vision a little over a week. Every morning I light a flame within the stone circle in my garden, while I connect to the Sacred Femininity that comes to us from the cosmos. This time I felt I was in the middle of the Earth and I saw the Sacred Femininity Energy flow into the Earth through her pores and fill her. This energy flowed down into the very core of the Earth. I don’t know if the Earth transmuted the Energy, but I did see how it was sent out again, radiating out through the crust, filling me up, flowing out into the atmosphere, so that all of creation takes it in through our own energy system and through our breath. I was filled with great gratitude.

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