The Divine Feminine guiding global transformation – by The Global Peace Initiative of Women

It is said in the East that when greed and selfishness become strong and materialism predominates, the Divine emerges in its feminine aspect and guides the transformation of these negative energies. Now is a time of such transformation. We find ourselves at a cross-road, seeing the weakening and even collapse of economic and religious structures, and at the same time witnessing the birth of something new, yet undefined. There is the sense that new forms must emerge to reflect the awakening consciousness, that will accommodate the unitive energies and help us move away from the divisions and polarizations that have characterized human society over the last many centuries.
We must move from a theology of exclusion to one that sees the beauty in all paths and the universal principles underlying all religion, focusing on commonality rather than differences. We must move from an economy of greed to one of sharing, from social structures that divide to ones that unite, to a worldview that sees the sacredness and living energies in the natural forces so that we can again come into harmony with the earth and her life systems. For these shifts to come into play, we must begin to balance West and East, materialism and spirituality, male and female, we must make way for the Divine Feminine to emerge.
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