Invitation for an special event for the feminine, with women shamans, in Colombia!


par Fiesta De Lo Femenino, lundi 1 août 2011, 15:03

Dear Sisters and Brothers.

We are daughters and sons of the dear Mother Earth, Gaia, Unchi Ina Maka, Pacha mama. She has been given many names from the peoples that have been born from her over time.  She has provided food and warmth throughout our journey since the times we were little and defenseless.  As we grew up, our arrogance and sense of self-sufficiency took over us and we created a lifestyle that put as away from her. The time has come now to turn around and honor her for the wellbeing of our children, ourselves, and the earth herself.

In our journey, however, we have forgotten the ancestral ways to honor her with love. That is why from the heart of Nabi Nunhue, a little space in the Andes created about 10 years ago to remember those ancestral forms of honoring life, we have began to pray for the best way to reunite us with those forms.

Fortunately, we still have grandmothers and grandfathers, the carriers of the ancestral ways to honor life from their sacred knowledge. At this time we have called upon four grandmothers that come from different traditions. For this gathering to happen, we need the full support from each of you who decide to participate in this event, so that not only you can fill your hearts with these forms of honoring life, but to allow the earth to live again the grace of the sacred celebrations.

As the manifestation of the feminine energy on earth, woman has begun to connect with her sacred being. The consciousness of honoring the sacred has begun to spread around the world. Many women have come back to our ancestors’ ways of giving birth. They have began to honor their moon, to raise their kids in a sacred manner; as the yield of their love for life, circles have been formed, singing springs forward, dances honor life, and, as women, we have began to explore our feminine consciousness through meditation, sacred plants and other forms. But it is of utmost importance for us to remember the grandmothers in our journey, to realize that we are not walking alone, and, that, as we honor our ancestors we actually honor life.

From our heart we also hope to honor life with your presence this 23 of September, celebrating Kuya Raimy Killa in Nabi Nunhue.


Metacuye Oyasin

Mujeres de Nabi Nunhue

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