After the 2nd of july, a testimony

Almost two months already passed since that ceremony… I have been needing time to integrate the teachings that this event brought to my life. The first gathering of the Worldwide Women Web has been the occasion of a journey, not only to the sacred feminine but to myself. And the adventure is still going on.

I had the chance and bliss to be accompanied on this path by beautiful men and women who, each one in his/her own way, has been helping me in this awakening, this healing, this understanding.

Now I would to share with you some of my experience…

All along the preparation of the WWWW, the second of july, I walk with my questions: What « love » is? What « unconditionnal love » is? What is the true nature of the connection between man and woman? What is the deep and secret nature of the woman? The « sacred feminine »? Is this sacred reserved to some initiates? What hides this formula? And what about the masculine? How to reach a new harmony between these two polarities, so different, so magical both of them, and how would it be?

I ask for some clarity, through ceremonies, meditating, reading, sharing with M., my friend and co-organiser of the WWWW. I quicky understand that the answers will come to me through my own personal evolution process: Healing of the memories, awareness of my wounds, of my structures, of my heritages, everything that prevents me to connect the free and divine woman I am.

And for each step through my own darkness I feel receiving more blessings, and clarity, as to give me the strenght I need to go further, the courage, and faith…

During the three weeks around the ceremonies of the Worldwide Women Web, I am in Greece. Happy to be on this antique territory, earth of Gods and Goddesses, alive myths. Strong and elevated vibration. The « cradle » of our civilisation.

I came to meet a man I almost don’t know, but whose encounter has been strong enough, some months ago, on the other side of the planet, for me to take a flight to join him and some beautiful radiant people he told me I would love to meet.

Personally, those three weeks would have been, by themselves, a ceremony for the sacred feminine, the divine masculine, for the infinite and miraculous alchemy of them together.

Ten days before the second of july we are three, one woman and two men, in ceremony on a beach like a crescent moon, on a Cycladic island. Magic.

I experience concretely the yin and yang.

Complementarity. Harmony.

At one moment I am lying down, face downwards, my body like a star. In ecstasy.

Sensation, strong consciousness that I AM the Earth.

I have a multitude of little stones in my mouth, taste of the earth, I ‘m breathing the sand, it is filling me up. I can feel the umbilical cord linking my belly to the bowels and to the heart of the Earth. I can feel that I am the same material, same composition, my heart is beating with her.

No: SHE is my body, earth is my body, my blood, everything… I remember the first time I saw the mountain breathing…

The sensation is multiple: I feel that the Earth is me and she is also my mother: I am receiving her beloving energy, like a mother rocks tenderly a child who is coming back home after a long time away…

I understand once again that each woman IS the Earth, is a fertile ground with infinites possibilities of creation.

Each woman possesses the intrinsinc knowledge of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. A direct access to the Great Mystery of creation. Everything is movement, everything is life, everything is sacred. The woman IS, in her body, the mystery of alchemy. Each woman is carrying in her body the mystery of nature, each month a possibility of life hatches and dies. And the body creates a wave to prepare the welcoming of the new possible…

Each woman is a mother, even if she doesn’t give birth, as the Earth is for all of us. She feeds us, unconditionnaly, taking care of each one of us with love. She gives us everything we need to grow up, to experience life. Each time we need some energy, we just have to go in nature, and feel it: nature fills us with beauty and with love.

On the beach, with sand in my mouth, it is so good to feel connected to the matrix. From my own depths. There is no separation between my body and the Earth, we are one. Connection to all the women on the planet and through ages… Fullness of my own femininity.

I am a woman, I am a mother of the humanity, source of life, I am love, and we are all. And one.


Then, as I am still lying down on my belly , B. starts to cover my body with sand and pebbles. He puts a stone in front of my feet, an other one in front of my head, he’s laughing. When he has finished, he comes closer and tells me: « Now you are in the Earth. You can enjoy it. And when you will have had enough, you can turn around and see the sky. »

Yes! the Earth contains all the seeds… but the seeds need the sun to grow up. The masculine. Presence.

I receive his words like a gift.

Balance, harmony!

I suddenly realize that, still in my own process, to be capable to meet the man, the masculine, in balance and harmony, in trust, without restraint, I need to find this balance, harmony, trust between feminine and masculine inside of myself first…

I had started that work a few months earlier, with the healing of my own masculine through the comprehension of the father figure: The father, the one who breaks off the fusion with the mother, creates the separation that allows the child to think and say: « I am ». The father who puts the limits for the child to learn to walk, to explore the world safely, step by step. And through the frustration created by limits, gives to the child the desire to go beyond… but safely, with his own rythm…

And the desire, maybe, one day, to go further than his father could ever go.

My masculine is protecting my feminine… It has been all a voyage to reach this point, because in my story the masculine was wounded as well. And instead of protecting lovingly, he was leaning barricades, was becoming hard to hide his sadness not to be recognized, honored… his shame also, maybe…

When finaly I turn around, on the beach, filled with wonder to be welcomed by the sky, B. is far away. He is still laughing, fighting with the wind that is taking our belongings away, to the opposite side of the beach. I feel like a Woman, and I feel there is a Man next to me. No matter he is far away and occupied in something else… I feel completely safe and peaceful.

My own inner security, thanks to the harmony existing at that moment between my feminine and my masculine, is allowing me to open totaly to the Man. To surrender.

The Man… suddenly I can see him truly! The man who creates a safe space, being fully present, in which the woman can experience herself freely, in all her emotional movements, her creativity, her intuition, her touch of craziness, can express her love… Can BE a woman.


Later, in the intimacy, I taste again, overwhelmed, the power of surrender in total trust to the man.

In that trust I was welcoming him, I was recognizing the divine in him, recognizing his power, his beauty, his male’s splendor. That was a surprise for me: I was entering a space of love and trust that was pushing back all my limits. In that space there was no place for fears, for doubts. My heart was opening and opening and there was nothing else but trust, love, magic, purity of the wild, splendor of the man, splendor of the woman, the gift to each other. Gratitude.


We have been leading together the ceremonies for the second of july, each one of us offered a special sacred time through the feminine and the masculine.

At the end, after Dances of Universal Peace, I asked the women to form a circle, but facing the outside, so the men could come to each one of them, one by one, look at her in her eyes, take the right time and tell her, truly: « I see you ». And the women, after receiving, were answering: « I trust you ».

I participated. I was strong. And good.

It has been difficult, for some of the women, to tell these words « I trust you », because for many of us, and in the collective memory, the wound still is there… but we are walking to the recovery, together!

Then we staid a long time talking, sharing, celebrating, dancing, hugging under the stars, all touched.

I was thinking about you all, around the Earth, gathered in communion in this same dream of a humanity of harmony. How beautiful has been this humming meditation, MMMM… In our circle it seemed that we didn’t want to stop it, eyes closed, swinging like a wave, from a foot to the other one, all together… Thousand of people, men and women creating, through the manifestation of their intention, our new reality.

Now… I feel peaceful. I have my own answers to some of my questions… for some other ones I still have to walk the same path again to reach the light, but each time the information is getting recorded deeper in me, in my energy, each time on more levels of consciousness, and each time the way is shorter and easier.

How beautiful it is to be a woman.

How beautiful it is that men are there.

How beautiful is the humanity!

I thank you all and each one of you deeply, for this sacred time we have been sharing, for having the opportunity to grow up in the Great Mystery connected with you. Please receive my joy, my gratitude and my love. And let’s go further, the light is each day more radiant!


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4 Responses to After the 2nd of july, a testimony

  1. Ria Baeck says:

    Beautiful sharing! Thanks a lot!
    ‘I see you’ – ‘I trust you’ – right to the point! I will never forget that!
    Love from Belgium,

  2. beautiful. thank you. i was MMMM’ing with you and still am. love

  3. Joceline says:

    the beauty of this touches my heart and soul as I receive the wisdom and healing that is here.
    walk in beauty, dear soul.

  4. monteil says:

    i can say really what’s going on me when i read your message but i can feel the power of your experience. and want to say thank you very much for your sharing.
    in this beautifull july, we were few womens who share this sacred moment and we have feel the wisdom and the forgivness between women and we can’t be separate for three days. mens arrived the second days to play music with us and sing all together. sharing peacefull moment and laughting. it was pure love. thank you to you and all the nature and mother earth and father sky for all what’s they give to us. pilamayayelo. o mitakoye oyassin.
    odile (france)

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