new invitation – nouvelle invitation – nueva invitacion – neue einladung – nieuwe uitnodiging

The World Wide Women Web once again calls you to activate a web of ceremonies throughout the world.
With four days of celebrations as one heart one spirit
on Tuesday February 21st 2012 the thirteenth new moon – opening ceremony
on Thursday March 22nd – new moon and World Water Day
on Friday and Saturday, March 23th and 24th  – closing ceremony
 we direct our collective intentions toward the sacred feminine and the healing of the waters of the earth.
We would be delighted if you join us, women and men, in this new World Wide Women Web.
For more information, please check our new website:
Le World Wide Women Web vous invite à nouveau pour l’activation d’un réseau mondial de cérémonies.
Mardi le 21 février 2012 – treizième nouvelle lune
Jeudi le 22 mars – nouvelle lune et Journée Mondiale de l’Eau
Vendredi et Samedi, le 23 et le 24 mars 2012
nous rassemblerons nos intentions collectives pour le feminine sacré et la guérison de l’eau sur notre planète.
Nous serions ravis de vous accueillir, femmes et hommes. Sentez-vous libre de partager cette info avec d’autres.
Visitez notre nouveau site web pour toute information supplémentaire:
El tejido internacional de mujeres convoca una vez más para activar la red de ceremonias simultaneamente alrededor del mundo.
Cuatro dias de ceremonias unidas en un corazón – un espíritu
el martes 21 de Febrero, la Treceaba luna nueva- apertura de la ceremonia
el 22 de Marzo – luna nueva y Día Mundial del Agua
el viernes 23 y sábado 24 de Marzo – cierre de la ceremonia
direccionaremos nuestras intenciones colectivas hacia la sanación de las Aguas de nuestra Madre Tierra
Sería maravilloso si te unieras a este propósito, hombres y mujeres en este nuevo tejido de lo femenino. Toma la libertad de compartir esta información.
Para mayor información, por favor consulta nuestra nueva página:
Das World Wide Women Web lädt dich erneut dazu ein, ein Netz von Zeremonien über alle Teile der Welt zu weben.
4 Zeremonie-Daten:
Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012 – der dreizehnte Neumond
Donnerstag, 22. März – Neumond und World Water Day
Freitag 23. sowie Samstag 24. März 2012
Vereint im Herz und Geist für die universelle weibliche Kraft und für das Wasser auf unserer Erde.
Wir freuen uns, wenn du, Mann oder Frau, in diesem neuen World Wide Women Web dabei bist und auch andere davon wissen lässt.
Für weitere Informationen besuche unsere neue webseite:
Het World Wide Women Web nodigt je opnieuw uit om wereldwijd en op hetzelfde moment een web van ceremonies te activeren.
Met vier dagen van bijeenkomsten als één hart – één ziel
 op dinsdag 21 februari 2012 – dertiende nieuwe maan – openingsceremonie
op donderdag 22 maart – nieuwe maan en Wereld Water Dag
op vrijdag en zaterdag, 23 en 24 maart – afsluitceremonies
richten we onze collectieve intentie op het heilige vrouwelijke en de heling van het water op moeder aarde.
Het zou ons erg verheugen, mocht je, vrouw en man, ons vervoegen. Voel je vrij deze info verder te sturen.
Voor meer informatie, check onze nieuwe website:
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2 Responses to new invitation – nouvelle invitation – nueva invitacion – neue einladung – nieuwe uitnodiging

  1. Vent de la Mer says:

    Le cercle des femmes Arc en Ciel est toujours présent.. (sourire…

  2. Wonderfull to share ceremony and create a world wide web.

    We’ll be in ceremony for a couple days for healing and integration of all female aspects. To bring healing and an new balance in the masculine and femine aspects in everyone! With the Nusta (goddesses fo the Andes)! A four-day course starting at March 22nd: The Nusta Karpay Intensive
    Please join! You are so welcome!

    The Nusta Karpay is an intensive four-day course for the healing and integration of all female aspects. It will bring healing and a new balance in the masculine and feminine aspects in everyone!

    The Nusta are the goddesses of the Andes. Karpay means initiation. The Nusta are the original princesses of the Andes. They come from the sacred lakes and mountains in Peru, and are also connected to other waters and mountains on this planet.
    The seven initiations are for both men and women. The Nusta will help you to connect again with the female energy within you, on a deeper level, so it can heal and is allowed to be expressed. Although the female aspects are already near the surface, they need to be nurtured and a feeling of safety to become fully expressed.

    The healing energy of the Nusta will help you strengthen your connection with all the feminine aspects within you and around you, on earth and the cosmos, through many layers. These initiations have a deep effect, they support and accelerate your spiritual growth. They help you find a new balance with yourself, connected with the healing of Mother Earth..

    These beautiful energies will help to heal the wounded ego, reduce many fears, guilt, and enable you to let go of the feeling of the need to control everything. It will allow you to be your own inner master again. The revitalised deep connection with All and unconditional love will lead you directly to your heart! You can live in the new energy that is already present, but which has been hard to capture until now. First, we have to heal our old wounds, moving through the layers, gaining insights and growing our consciousness. Immediately, the flow of love will come as a constant companion in your life !
    The Nusta Karpay will allow men to soften inside, while developing more empathy and getting more in tune again with their feelings and intuitions. These initiations will bring women into their own Goddess energy and the original deep femininity.

    In the Inca-tradition of the Q’ero in Peru, the energies of the Nusta have been preserved very well. Until recently, the initiations were only passed on in their own community. In October 2009, the seven Nusta Karpay were passed through for the first time to the western world, in the Netherlands !
    Karen and Lieke were in the very first group who received the initiations, given by the Paqo Don Alejandro and Doña Maria. This was a very unique and special moment of connection, with the Nusta, the Paqo and the group. For the balance and wholeness to return to the world, we feel it is time for us to share the knowledge of the Nusta with the world. So that we can be as one !

    In total there are 144 Nusta; during this 4-day intensive course, we will connect with the seven main Nusta. Each Nusta brings a unique aspect to you, shining a different light on your path. It is the path of feminine healing and the path of the male in deep connection with Mother Earth.
    We start with an opening ceremony: a ceremony for connection, release and cleansing, will allow you to open-up for the Nusta Karpay. A Despacho ceremony and a hut heated by stones will assist you. In the days that follow, you will receive the seven initiations. We will share the knowledge of the Nusta with you and you will learn to pass on the initiations.
    You channel the Nusta energy, create an artwork and strengthen your connection by manifesting the mythical.
    The last day is the day of the Nusta Blossoming! A long and soft sweatlodge ceremony with many journeys will help to enrich your connection with the Nusta, and integrate the divine feminine energies at all levels.

    Munay sonqo, Karen Chisin Chaska and Lieke White Winds

    For more infomation have a look at: and
    Registering, please enrol/submit at:
    Karen van Doesburg:
    Lieke van den Berg-Cieraad:

    Location: Vijfmorgenland, Brummen, the Netherlands
    Price: € 695 incl. B&B, lunch and dinner
    Language: English and Dutch

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