6 Responses to Invitation

  1. CSilla TAMASSY says:

    Thank you for the invitation ! It would be nice to participate on the 2nd of July this year ! But I would like to know where !? I live in Belgium. I suppose it will happen in an other country… would you like to let me know, please ?
    Namaste *** *
    CS i l l i *

    • saramika says:

      dear csilli, there are ceremonies in belgium as well. see our blog under ceremonies/europe/belgium. this page is in progress, as the initiatives are just and still coming in. check regularly. welcome! namaste…

  2. Amael AnRa says:

    Great! To awaken the Divine feminine Within! This is indeed through this awakening that harmony may come back on our planet. However, it is not just about gathering and creating a loving network of women around Earth, even with the best intentions and with a big connected Heart. In the best case, this will just create a great gathering with powerful loving energies of connection. And this is already nice. But nothing really lasting, nothing that will have the power to heal the planet in a concrete way will arise from it. Yet, this is possible.

    In order for the women to find their connection back to their Divine Feminine Energy, to harmonize the Masculine and Feminine polarities within, and to reclaim their global healing power, it is necesary that they reactivate their Feminine energetic center which is shut down in most of them : the Womb or Tterus. This is only through the healing of ancient emotional traumas and the clearing of the debris held in this space that women can truly reconnect to the web of life, and heal themselves first, their partner then and also the whole planet and humanity in gathering in One Huge Activated Womb; Exactly as the Mary’s and other women did before around Christ Yeshua. Somes women are already working and healing NOW with a healed and activated womb and they have an infinite power of creation in harmony with all life.

    If you wish to learn how to awaken to the Loving Power of Shakti and to the Wisdom of your Womb, and how to open and heal it, you may visit our website, listen to the recordings (section “Ressources”), receive healing transmissions or attend very experiential and healing retreats.

    In Service to the Divine Feminine, Amael et Araya

  3. Lis-Lotte Mariscal says:

    Thank you for this initiative. – I am working for Mother Earth and leading women’s circles and truly find that the work we do with Spirit Dance Soul Coaching® is reaching far out into other women’s web. – Now doing circles on the same day all over the world to connect with and honor our Mother Earth, inside and out, that is an amazing idea. – I put it in my calendar and will facilitate a circle. I am in Berkeley, California. I will let you know when I have more details for you to publish. – In love, beauty and gratitude – Lis-Lotte

  4. Wow, what a wonderful idea! It would be a honor to be part of this.
    I will contact the other 5 Rhythms Teachers in Berlin. Maybe we do a Dance Celebration together. With love….. Marika

  5. dit is een fantastisch initiatief!
    Ik doe mee, hoe en wat weet ik nog niet.
    Je hoort nog van me.
    love and light*

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