The World Wide Women Web once again calls you to activate a web of ceremonies throughout the world.
With four days of celebrations as one heart one spirit 
on Tuesday February 21st 2012 the thirteenth new moon – opening ceremony
on Thursday March 22nd – new moon and World Water Day
on Friday and Saturday, February 23th and 24th  – closing ceremony
 we direct our collective intentions toward the sacred feminine and the healing of the waters of the earth.
Just like in the first World Wide Women Web in July 2011, we want to honour the universal feminine qualities and focus on the healing and re-balancing of male and female energies, both inside and out. On top of that, the coming World Wide Women Web in March is about manifesting the universal strength of our gender as a tool for the healing of the waters on our planet. Our meditations will reinforce the many initiatives taking place on and around World Water Day. Together, we can activate a powerful vibration of gratitude for water throughout the sacred web.
Many circles all over the world, women and men, will be praying for the divine feminine and for healthy water. Different kinds of ceremonies, depending on the traditions, the desires, the abilities of the person who leads… Talking circles, meditations, prayers, moon lodges, dancing, chanting, drumming, yoga… Every circle is free. If you are trained to lead a circle, please organize a ceremony and inform us about it. All the initiatives will be published on our website, so that individual women can join.
We not only invite you to join in ceremony on the four proposed dates, but we also request that you express a daily blessing for the water, for the entire duration of the thirteenth new moon, starting February 21st.  The thirteenth new moon is very significant according to an ancient, indigineous tradition in North-America, as long ago groups of 13 native women would hold secret ceremonies to heal the earth’s waters. So every time you pass by a river or a lake, take a shower, walk in the rain, drink a glass of water, make a conscious effort to hold the sacredness and health of water. With this already strengthened connection to each other and to the water, our ceremonies on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th will be all the more effective.
We would be delighted if you join us, women and men, in this new World Wide Women Web.
 You are welcome to send us the pratical information of your gathering. We will make a list and a map of all the participating initiatives on our website.
 Feel free to spread the word.
 For more information, please check our website: http://www.worldwidewomenweb.be
Contact: worldwidewomenweb@gmail.com

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  1. dreamsofbear says:

    Hello Sisters! This morning I performed the “Going To Water” ceremony that is an old Cherokee tradition.
    I do not have a body of water nearby, (The expression used for the ordinary “going to water,” where the water is simply dipped up with the hand, is ämâ’yï dita`ti’yï, “taking them to water.”)
    so I used the garden hose, after smudging with the 4 Sacred Sisters (Tobacco, Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar) to cup water to the 7 sacred points of the body (chakras).
    I asked Creator and The Helpers for healing of the Feminine and Balance, for a strong connection with Our Mother and Woman Hearts for us all and for Healing for Our Mother.
    I sang the Ojibewmowin Nibi (Water) Song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks5IIzYX3t8)
    If you follow the link, be sure to click on the “Show More” button to read the story behind the song. I sing it every morning in ceremony.
    Love, Prayers and Creator’s Blessings for all of you and yours ❤

  2. Benedicte says:

    Dear sisters,
    I am involved with the association Woman Within (Transitions Europe) and we created with 4 an empowerment circle in Belgium. I will ask them to do something on 2/7 or I will do so, connected to all of you. I am surching how I can fullfill the best my mission and for that send a email into the world with the humble question to join me in my prayer for women. I repeat my question to you all:
    The world needs many kinds of healing: healing of the Earth, healing of the Inner Child, healing of Feminity, healing of…
    Those who know me, may also know that my mission in this world is to bring more real femininity back into the world. There is so much healing to do for women. I feel my vocation. Regularly I light a candle and spend a moment of silence by an old tree in the garden, that I transformed into a small altar.
    It isn’t a coincidence that I was born on the 8th March, International Women’s Day.
    But I cannot do this alone. What I am praying for, is too much.
    On March 8th, I have made an appeal to as many women as possible to send the seven affirmations below into the universe. Those who believe in God, can call it ‘praying’ and if not change the words. Those who meditate, can take these sentences into their space of silence.
    I repeat each sentence seven times. You can do that too for seven days or weeks or your whole life long.
    I know other women will join me. This way I also feel surrounded by women, that reinforces my strength.
    If you feel you cannot join us, know that other women are praying for you.
    Thank you! Amen! Oha!
    1. Women who are imprisoned in male armour, look inside.
    2. Women dare to look their pain and power in the eyes.
    3. Women respect and nurture themselves.
    4. All women who suffer, are physically or sexually abused, keep their life flame burning.
    5. All women who have suffered, were physically or sexually abused, find healing.
    6. The tormented soul of all girls and women who ever died because of emotional, physical or sexual violence, finds peace.
    7. The tormented soul of all girls and women who ever died because of being a woman, finds peace.
    in love

  3. I have added your link to My blog…
    I will continue to spread the word…
    Many Blessings,


  4. I’m very happy to have come across this & will spread the word!
    Many Blessings!

  5. Anna and I are running a sweat lodge and drum making weekend over the 2-3 July so perfect timing for us to connect with all our beautiful sisters!

  6. Seersha says:

    Anna and I will be running a drum making workshop and sweat lodge this weekend and will definitely be connecting to all our sisters.

  7. Thank you for the site..I will be running a pregnancy and holistic health day on the 2nd July in Canterbury, Kent ,UK
    We regularly run Goddess Groups and have amazing guest workshops, sweat lodges, drum making, singin and dancing to celebrate the Divine Feminine in all her forms. Blessed Bee x

  8. How wonderful! Without having heard this information i have organized a Women’s festival – The Moon Festival at my Dome Centre in Spain, from the 11-15 July. This will cover the period of the Full Moon. However we will join together with you on the 2nd July too!

  9. Cree Dreams of Bear says:

    I will be attending! Thank you for initiating such a powerful idea! Love, Prayers and Creator’s Blessings for you and yours ❤

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